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Experience the ultimate capabilities of digital and smart health.

Because we are passionate about healthcare and technology, we integrate both industries through the breadth of experience of our diverse and robust team, the Yotteans.

We have a deep understanding of healthcare ecosystem and its digital enablers as we are specialists from the healthcare industry, computer sciences, social media, user experience, and media production all committed to make your digital transformation nothing but a legacy.


We are committed to making you HAPPY in partnering with us through our five HAPPY guiding principles.

In Yotta, nothing more inspiring and motivating than sharing happy moments with you after major achievement in our journey together.

Our promise is to be your trusted partner who is bringing happiness in our project management methodology every time.

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    H: Healthy and Happy people

    Our aim from all what we do is to making people healthier and happier every single moment in their lives.

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    A: Achieve big goals

    We are thinking big and beyond the normal and set goals to achieve this in a robust planning environment.

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    P: Patient and customer centric

    We believe that patients and customers should be the center of any solution we develop and everything should revolve around their wonderful experience.

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    P: Product innovation

    We are bringing the collective creativity and problem solving tools to enable our products of being innovative every time.

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    Y: Yotta way

    In Yotta, we are reimagining all the aspects of healthcare and change the limits between healthcare and technology.



Our deep healthcare industry knowledge coupled with our digital competencies and partnerships with you enable us to bring the excellence in each solution.

We are looking above and beyond your expectations to serve you with the best fit for use solutions that are fully integrated together.

As entrepreneurs, we strive to bring innovation and creativity in every solution. As scientists, our research spirit brings evidence and world’s leading practice in each solution.

Improvement and Development of Websites

End to end web development solutions to help you to reach the full potential of your digital healthcare practice in clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, and imaging centers. We have the right tools to exceed your expectation from technological, hosting, designing, user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and language perspectives. We develop cross platform and responsive websites covering content management systems (CMS), static, dynamic, and web applications.

Development of Mobile Applications for Android and iPhone

To stand out from the crowd, you need to distinguish your healthcare organization with a mobile application that can gives your patients the ability to interact with you instantly you on the go. We can also transform the whole journey of inpatients in your hospital through our innovative mobile application "patient connect®" which enable your patients to be the driver and the centre of care through interacting smartly with the care providers for maximum process optimization.

Multimedia Production and Visual Designing

Artistic content matters today more than ever before! Creating multimedia and visuals for your healthcare organization is essential to establish its personality and differentiate it from the crowds. Yotta’s artistic services cover videos, documentaries, 2D animations, motion infographics, 2D designs, and photography all are provided with high quality through our iterative, objective based methodology.

Digital Marketing and Branding

The disruptive changes in marketing and branding by the introduction of the web, new media and social media changed the way people and brand communicate. Going digital with your brand is not an optional any more if you want to boost your communication with current and potential patients. Yotta’s services cover development of digital strategy, designing and managing digital campaigns, medical content creation, social media management, and search engine optimization.


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The gem of our solutions for improving the access and availability of quality healthcare.

It is social based interaction between the healthcare providers and population to get personalized answers.


The gem of our solutions for improving the access and availability of quality healthcare.

It is social based interaction between the healthcare providers and population to get personalized answers.

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